Chaos Designs

Creating order from chaos, that's what design is all about. Many successful businesses start with an idea, leaving the structure to catch up afterwards and since 2010 our focus has been just like that, on our work rather than our Organisation. This approach served us well in the past and we were able to thrive on our ideas and energy but today, outside our client base, not many people know who we are or exactly what we do. This is something we need to change so we are seeking partners.

Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity? Why not talk to us?

We have more work than we can cope with on our own. In conjunction with our partner site, Giant Domains, we have a huge portfolio of names waiting to be developed. There is room to grow but resources are beginning to hold us back. We are not looking for employees, we are looking for partners to share in the success of the business though their skill, effort and effectiveness.

So if you relish a challenge and would like to find out more, simply send us an email and let us know.